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Luccombe Hub

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new website project this week. The project was part of our CSR in partnership with Meyers Estate Agents, Blandford Forum we were asked to create a new version of the website on WordPress. We believe in supporting our local community, and it is nice to be able to give something back to such an amazing charity as The Luccombe Hub. 

The previous version was hosted on Squarespace, which prooved to be resrtictive to staff in terms of easily updating information. We chose WordPress because it is a great platform for websites that contain a lot of information. As a SEND school, the Luccombe hub has to abide by a lot of regulation and WordPress makes the ideal partner platform. 

Responsive WordPress website

Hosted on the We are Chain Servers, the website is easy to navigate with a clear menu structure. The staff at The Luccombe Hub can easily edit text and images in minutes. Part of the project included the training as it does with all our launches. We like to hold hands with our clients for as long as they need until ready to look after it on their own. 

If you are looking to migrate to a new platform that might make life easier, please get in touch with us at Chain


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