Reducing Ecommerce Returns With Videos

If you are in any type of retail, returns can account for 90% of your headaches, especially at this time of year. With the Christmas rush ending, you can expect a huge influx of returned items in January that will interfere with your new year sale plans. What can you do about it? 

Explainer Video for eCommerce

As you know, we are not only an eCommerce agency, we own and run our own stores so have first-hand experience at this. In the summer of 2021 we introduced a new product line to our online Pet Shop, Dogs Dogs Dogs. Dog Crates were hard to find this year, but we found a good source of quality crates and decided to stock them in time for the summer holidays. One of the issues with Dog crates is when they are used for traveling. You need to put them into the boot of your car. This sounds obvious, but compared to a crate that is used in the home, there are so many more dimensions and mitigating factors that come into play.

What you have to remember about a car is that the boot space is very rarely a square or rectangle. When you close the boot, the rear window can be sloped at a variety of different angles depending on the make and model of the car. It is not very funny when you shut the boot and have not taken this into consideration. Rear car windows literally explode when smashed. Not that this has happened to our customers, but it has happened to the author with a child’s bike handle!

When you sell online, it makes complicated products harder to explain than if the customer is in the shop testing it out in person. This is where using video in eCommerce can save you hundreds of pounds and work hours. Customers may be willing to read text or absorb a diagram but is it that easy to explain? If not then why not use video to make things easier to understand. You can combine visuals with a narrator and even add in facts and figures as text. What might have taken 500 words to explain can be achieved in under a minute with video. 

How does video save you money

If you can reduce returns by even the smallest margin, you not only be saving time and money, you will be making your customers happier. With our new car crate products, we found that around 20% were being returned and immediately investigated where we and our customers were going wrong. Checking with our customer service team it became obvious it was not a quality issue, it was purely down to size and variety of vehicle. With so many different cars on the road in all shapes and sizes, we begin to understand the obvious solution. There were already size guides on each product, in the form of a table, but our customers needed more. which is why we produced our own size guide video for Dog Crates. 

What is the Result?

Returns are almost non-exsistent on our dog crates. This is great news all round, because a dog crate is a large product and to return it the customer will need to carry it to the nearest postal depot or even repack it, which is not very convenient. It has also resulted in better reviews because the crates are the right size in the first instance. 

If you have a complicated product and need to explain how to use it or show how it fits then think video. At We are Chain, we now have an in-house video team who can help you. Give us a call to discuss your issue and we will see if we can reduce your returns issues. 


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