10 Steps to Grow your Shopify Store

10 Steps to Shopify Growth

10 Steps to Shopify Growth You have made the bold step to create your own online store using Shopify, but how do you get people to your store and encourage them to buy from you? In this post, we share with you our top 10 tips for growing your Shopify Store. Add Social Proof Build […]

How to Market to your database

How to market to your database

Start up or established business, you no doubt have some kind of database? It may be a few email addresses or number into the thousands, but are you making it work to your benefit, or is it just a nice to have accessory? In this post we discuss a few ways to engage with your […]

Discount Code Ideas to Boost your Shopify Store

Discount Code Ideas for your Shopify Business

No-one likes to give too much away, but sometimes you need to employ every trick in the marketing handbook and one of these is the discount code. Especially now, with the cost of living crisis, we are seeing more and more customers looking for discounts. In this guide, we share with your our best ideas […]

What is Performance Max Ad Campaign

Performance Max Campaigns

“Smart Shopping campaigns are upgrading to Performance Max starting July 2022” If you advertise with Google, you may got the above email from them yesterday. If you are still non the wiser or have never heard of Performance Max then we can enlighten you now.  Traditional advertising through Google involved having a variety of campaigns […]

What’s new in eCommerce!

What's new with eCommerce

As we approach the halfway point in 2022, we thought it time to reflect on new technology and trends in the world of eCommerce. As a Digital Marketing Agency based in the heart of the countryside, you may think we wouldn’t be up to date with as much a big city agency, but we can […]

How To Migrate Your Website To A New Platform

Website Migration

In this post we discuss how you can move your website from one platform to another. It is a process we are very familiar with having moved several websites from WordPress to Shopify, Squarespace to WordPress and Wix to Shopify. Many businesses set up their websites as one of the first things they do when starting out. This means […]

The Shop Local Movement – First Published Enterprise Nation

Shop Local

This is an article written by Jim rom We are Chain for the Small Business group Enterprise Nation. First Published in January 2021. When we started Designed in Dorset in 2019, we knew there was some appetite for a local marketplace promoting artisan products produced within a geographical area. As a rule, people tend to be quite […]

Our Favourite Shopify Apps to Improve Customer Service

How to use Klavyio

Which Apps do we recomend to improve your Customer Service? “Over 1,000,000 merchants in 175 countries choose Shopify for their online store” From Aquire and Convert Website – Shopify Stats  This means there is a lot of competition out there no matter how niche your industry. With everyone using the same platform how can you make […]

Shopify vs WordPress

Wordpress vs Shopify

Shopify vs WordPress, it’s the sort of question that gets asked a lot by anyone who works in eCommerce. Very similar to Godzilla vs King Kong, which actually comes out on the big screen this year but enough of that distraction! We regularly get asked which one should you choose and why? It is something we […]

Search Console Insights – New

How to use Search Console

As a beginner or seasoned pro, Shopify is a great way to sell online. As experienced users, we have found a variety of shortcuts and tips that might make a little difference to how your store performs. We try out new apps every week and test new ways of delivering content and marketing all the time. As […]