Easter update – It’s raining dogs and boots

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The Easter bunny is just around the corner and it is time for a well earned break from what can only be described as a unique first quarter. The war in Ukraine, rising costs of living and the new normal have left us quite exhausted. However, there is now a growing sense of positivity at We are Chain as we finally feel we are leaving the Covid trauma behind us and continue to build up from the decimation of March 2020.

In the past couple of weeks, we have on boarded several new clients and continue to deliver our usual service to existing clients. Our online businesses, Dogs Dogs Dogs and The Ethical Trader also continue to grow at a pace. As always there are new technologies to understand and implement where required. The video arm of We are Chain is also expanding with new contracts, leading us to some beautiful filming locations. 

We thought it might be time to share some of our progress, to keep our followers updated and ensure you are aware of all the services we offer. 

Video filming agency wiltshire

Filming in the New Forest

In the first week of April, we were lucky enought to be asked to create a promotional video for a campsite. The Film crew headed out to the middle of the new forest on one of the hottest days of the year so far. Combining Drone footage with high tech camera equipment the crew were delighted to be outside for a whole day. Video can be such a simple way to get your message across or the define everything that is special about a project, especially a luxury camping site.  

Dogs and Boots

To celebrate Easter, we have joined forces with one of our clients Talolo Boots to launch an excellent giveaway. If you are in need of some funky festival boots for this summer and dog drying coat for your best friend then don’t forget to enter on Instagram. Running these competitions is something we can do for our clients or in this case with the double bonus of also promoting our own online brand Dogs Dogs Dogs. This is where running multiple businesses can really pay off, because you never know who you might talk to next and be able to share your own skills with. 

Paid Advertising

Loox Reviews and Google

After years of working with Google, it becomes clear that sometimes things can never be as simple as you want them to be. Ensuring your review snippets show up in search results is not as simple as you may think. Especially if you don’t just stick to Google reviews and would prefer to use a more bespoke package like Feefo or Loox. After quite a bit of fiddling we have managed to get our Loox review stars to show up on our shopping feed. This may not sound like much, but to have them showing againast competitors who do not have them gives you a definate boost. It can also increase your conversion score when advertising so is a must have. If you want to find out more please get in touch and we will talk to you about how we did it. 

WordPress and Shopify Developments

In March we set live the biggest website we have been involved in which has been welcomed by the owners Langport Town Council. We continue to work on another large council website which should be live in May. Using WordPress helps us to deliver a seemless customer experience both for users and the back end staff updating the website. As we grow we earn more about the plug ins that work best for the job in hand. We look forward to the next stage in the evolution of this project to create the best Council websites. 

In Summary

Things in the world of digital marketing  are looking up. Video is as powerful as ever and expanding for us at least. The Ecommerce side of things is a little harder to judge in 2022 with no recent past figures to be guided by that are reliable. This time last year we had only just emerged from lockdown and the year before that was mayhem. We are looking forward to going back to a period of steady growth and expansion with new partners across all of our businesses, more to come on that later. 


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