Affiliate Marketing the Publisher

In our first Affiliate Marketing blog we talked about the advertiser and how as a brand or company they might consider using an affiliate network to promote their products. In this part of the blog we will talk about the Publisher, this is the platform, blogger, promoter etc who will actually drive the sales of your product. This is also the one who gets the commission from each sale.

Firstly, lets refresh on what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works, see the diagram below.

The advertiser wants to push his products out to a new audience using a new channel. He joins an affiliate marketing network who have a list of publishers. The advertiser then selects the most relevant publisher to his product or brand and that will help him achieve his goals. He then offers an incentive tot he publisher to promote his products. For every sale generated by the publisher, the advertiser pays out a return, either percentage or fixed fee. The commission is only payable per sale as opposed to PPC where it is paid for every click.

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If you are new to affiliate marketing then you may think that publishers are just bloggers, don’t worry by the end of this blog you will understand that publishers can take many forms, lots of which you will be familiar with and not expect to be Affiliate publishers. I think the best way to describe a publisher is someone or something that receives a lot of traffic. They have spent their time developing their audience, gathering their data and getting ready to monetise their efforts. Think about why the Telegraph produces endless travel related content, it is not just to please subscribers, if they can get their readers to click on a link and book a hotel they will also get a kickback from the hotel or booking agent.

What about Voucher Codes and Cashback you say? Yes they are very similar to other publishers except the advertiser has to pay twice. Not just a kickback to the publisher for promoting their discount but the publisher also loses money on the discount itself. Vouchercodes promote their offering to millions via the app and newsletters, this costs them money and as such they expect to charge a premium to make their audience aware of discounts. It is worth pointing out that here is where you should be careful as an advertiser, the chances are someone who uses an affiliate link might be savy enough to go on and search for a discount code as well. Meaning you might pay commission to several publishers at once for one sale, so be aware and don’t go too open with this channel when you start.

Who else is an affiliate marketing publisher?,  Martin Lewis’s website,, GoCompare. These are all platforms where you can expect a good level of return because they have such huge audiences. But are they always right for your business? There are of course more boutique selections like a lovely thirty something who has taken to blogging her experience as a London Mummy. She has generated quite a large following on Instagram and promotes all sorts of goodies to mothers across not just London but the country. This type of publisher can be much more useful if you are looking to target mums in particular, of a AB1 variety it has to be said but then that might be your goal. You don’t need hundreds of publishers just the ones that are right for you and your products and brand.

I hope that has made affiliate marketing publishers a little bit clearer. Remember if you want to find out more, Chain Digital are a leading Affiliate Marketing Agency with partnerships across the globe to help you grow your business.

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