Affiliate Marketing the customer

In this, our final blog on Affiliate Marketing we are going to introduce the most important player in the process, your customer. The whole point of using affiliate marketing as a new channel is to enable you to reach out to new markets and be discovered by a much larger market than your traditional efforts allow. Using an affiliate marketing network will give you access to thousands of publishers, all of whom will have their own particular audience.

When you chose to use Affiliate marketing as a promotional tool, you should first consider what your goals are and who you want to attract. This will then help you identify the ideal publisher to reach your customer. Customers you attract through affiliate programmes are likely to be people with an intent to buy. They are also looking for a reason why they should buy from you in particular. Is it the fact you have good reviews or someone has recommended you that will push them over the edge? A large part of affiliate marketing is the ability to pay an influencer to write about your product and make it look like they are just recommending it out of the goodness of their heart.

If you are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, make no mistake, so might your customer be. Most affiliate programmes will look like traditional advertising to your customers or just articles from their usual sources that are recommending your products. What they may be unaware of is the paid aspect and its probably a good idea to keep this from them. What you should also know is that your customer can be a crafty devil and end up costing you more than you thought possible.

Let’s imagine for instance that you are promoting your products across multiple channels with a variety of tools. Included in your marketing efforts are PPC (pay per click), Voucher Codes and Affiliate links. Your customer may come across your product on a blog and click through to the sales pages of your website. What they do next may be a cause for concern. A lot of people will then move away from your site and continue to shop or look for reviews or even discounts. If they find the voucher code, then you will have to pay for this as well. You may find they have by now forgotten your name so have to do a google search and use the PPC advertising. Add up all of the costs and it begins to be expensive. However it may still cost lest than the aquisition of a new customer using your traditional methods.

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