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Luxury Gilets

The Customer

Guillotine England are a local fashion brand based in South Wiltshire, they manufacture and sell a range of luxury Gilets on and offline. The product is fabulous and has many fans around the world. Unfortunately the company has had a tough time in the past with agencies and were looking for a more personal approach, with regular contact, idea sharing and going back to the basics. Guillotine England employs Chain Digital as their marketing department to help with a number of things, chief of which is of course to boost sales of their Gilets. 

We approached this holistically to understand what tools were available and what we would need to build or create to make the business grow. The company had a good website and a couple of social channels but not much more in the way of actual marketing.

Content Creation

The company has a very good library of images taken on numerous professional photography shoots throughout the past few years. These are beautifully shot and feature a number of notorious extras, including the family Aston Martin and a variety of shotguns. Up to this moment the company has been very much shouting about their wares in a traditional sales manner, all very “me, me me”. What we decided to do was to bring the voice of the customer to life. There are just too many fans of the product in the area to not do this. 

As with all our clients, the better we get to know them the better the results, in the first instance this is about digging into the history of the company and finding the golden stories of happy customers that need to be told. 

The first of these was a French Hotel owner in Normandy, one of the first Guillotine customers who has owned his Gilet for 5 years. The story of how he found the brand and what lengths he went to, to find the right Gilet are incredible and well worth the effort. 

The owners of Guillotine were due to fly out and see Nicolas and stay at his hotel. So one of the first things we asked for was for them to film Nicolas using their smartphone to find out more about his story. This resulted in a 30 customer reference video, a blog piece on the background and a press release that was successfully used by the Wiltshire Business Newspaper. We have continued this approach for the last few months and will continue to do so going forward. As well as a couple of local landlords, we have filmed the owner of a classic Mercedes who happened to offer his car for the last photoshoot. This guy owned 5 Guillotine Gilets and has since bought even more. As well as the video and blog, we also create social banners including a quotation. This makes it easier for our customer to keep sharing the same story and make it look fresh and professional. 


One of our areas of expertise is on the E-Commerce side of things. Guillotine have a website but it was not functioning to its full capability. The main reason for this is the lack of technical knowledge when it comes to Woo-Commerce, WordPress and other things like payment platforms and shipping. With ten years experience running his own E-commerce operation, Rupert has a lot of tools and know how at his disposal. First we altered the appearance of the header banner on the website and began to look deeper into the back end of the E-Commerce section. 

Knowing how to add a new shipping area can seem easy to some but if you don’t know how then it might go missing. We turned on the USA and added postage, within 10 minutes there was an order for £500 placed from the US. 

We are also on the way to implementing an affiliate marketing strategy to boost revenue through a new channel.


The reason our relationship works is because we are allowing the owners to get back to what they do best, manufacture and sell their Gilets. We take care of the online marketing and sales. Our efforts are all geared towards improving the rankings of the website for key terms, like Luxury Gilet, Nehru Collar etc. We do this by creating engaging content that appeals to their audience and spreading the word across every channel, social media, Youtube, Press Releases and even by word of mouth.

We are also building their brand by employing their customers as sales people using the power of video and the blog to voice their reason for recommending Guillotine to their friends. We have a long list of eager customers waiting to take part. Our next step is to create a video explaining the sizing system to prevent needless returns. 

What they said!

Thank you both for taking over the management of our marketing It really has made one heck of a difference – in fact, the first really positive experience that we’ve had out of our many efforts with past website companies that we have used the services of.

Jerome and Juliet Kitson, Business Owners


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