We helped to organise a unique networking event for a client of ours this week that turned out to be a massive success and that’s not just because of the size of the vehicles we were driving. As part of our business development service for the Hertfordshire Show, we arranged for some of the Herts Agricultural Society Farmers to lend us some of their vehicles. Invitations were sent out for local business leaders to come and join in the fun. This lead to 20 CEOs and Managers from a diverse range of companies joining us at Bovingdon Airfield in Herts on a chilly Tuesday morning.

The range of vehicles our guests got to try included 3 tractors, one digger, a forklift and a vast spreader. The morning proved to be a very enjoyable affair as the farmers shared their knowledge of the vehicles and demonstrated how much technology is now in each one. So much so that the majority of vehicles actually drive themselves.

At the end of the morning we were given a delicious burger for lunch followed by a brief presentation from Charlie Glennister of Oliver Landpower and Sarah Mooreland, CEO of the Show. Discussing why companies should support the Show and how they can get involved to help educate the public in how food gets to their plate. This event is going to be followed by a number of others, including the showing of the new Land Rover Defender in Guildford and Drinks at Highclere Castle in Berkshire. If you are interested in attending or want to find out how we can help build relationships with local business then get in touch.