The Ultimate Drop-Shipping Guide – Download Now!

We have been busy here at Chain Ltd, creating a Drop-Shipping Guide to help you start your own Ecommerce Business. Using our years of Ecommerce experience and of course our very own pet supply business we have compiled a complete guide to Drop-Shipping. 

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop-shipping is its most basic form is selling someone else’s products on their behalf. Once you have sold that product, the manufacturer / supplier of that product sends it out on your behalf, meaning that you have to hold no stock and can focus your efforts on marketing that product.

Why Drop-Ship

We are experience a period of difficulty with the virus spreading around the worl. Very soon we may be asked to self isolate in big numbers. Where will this leave you and your business? We think it might be a good time to explore other avenues like drop-shipping. You may have your eye on some products that you think will sell well. Identifying a gap in the market is important, you don’t want tot try and compete soemwhere that is dominated by the biggest companies. 

Is Drop-Shipping for me?

Drop shipping is not for everyone, we would suggest a certain level of technology skills top begin. Especially as the most likely starting poitn is going to be building your own website. No, you don;t have to be able to write CSS code, it would help of course. You can build Ecommerce Drop-Shipping websites, fairly easily on WordPress and Shopify. The key to Drop-Shipping is to understand that initial investment can be kept quite low. You don’t need to buy any stock which helps with cashflow enourmously.

How can I download the guide?

Head over to our dropshipping guide download page. Fill in your contact details and we will send you a link to the page where you can download the document. Once you have done this and read it through, you may want to book onto one of our online courses to find out more. We can help build your website and ensure you aren;t going to make a huge loss in your first year.