Rupert Brown & James Chetwode

The majority of business owners have invested heavily in their website and other marketing material. What then happens is a desire to do more but time and knowledge is short. That is where we come in, Chain can help turn your website from a cost burden into a lead generation machine. Combining this with other activity like, email marketing and social media campaigns we can enable fast growth across your business. AtChain we believe you should be able to “have your cake and eat it”. What do we mean? Well, running your own business can sometimes be a real struggle and we know this from years of first hand experience. There is never enough time or money to get everything you want done. 

As part of our work for clients across the South of the UK we regularly attend events throughout the region. This includes the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, Surrey Chamber of Commerce and the Hertsfordshire Chamber of Commerce. As a result of which we have a vast professional business network that grows daily. 

We have a team of mixed talents that include copyrighters, Designers, Video cameramen, editors and sound engineers and Ecommerce specialsts. We serve as a toolkit for our clients needs and will appoint the correct member of staff to ensure the best oputcome.  

We always ensure we get the most out of any opportunity to benefit our clients, this has included visits to Number 10 Downing Street and even a trade mission to Singapore.


James Chetwode

Jim Chetwode

Jim has over 20 years experience as a Sales and Marketing Manager, on both client and agency sides of the fence. Initially working in the AAdventure Travelk Industry, Jim has worked for a multitude of companies rangin from one man bands through to account management for Microsoft. He is usually found networking across the South of the UK or on his bike in the South of the Continent.


Chief Barketing Officer

Berry has always dreamed of working somewhere there is food available constantly. Unfortunately she chose the wrong office. The only cafe on our Industrial Estate has refused her entry after she was found in the cake tin.

Rupert Brown

With a wealth of experience in Event Management, Ecommerce and general business management, there is nothing that Rupert loves more than a challenge and helping small businesses succeed. Rupert is a father of two boys and is regularly walked by his Spaniel Holly through the woods of North Dorset. 

Chief Technical Dog

Holly loves chasing pheasants in her spare time away from the corporate box. With experience heading up the team for Dogs Dogs Dogs Ltd, she knows a thing or two about Shopify and drop shipping.

Chris Hutchinson-Mogg
Video Director

I love that moment after you’ve spent time cramming all the footage into your brain, something happens and an edit starts to click into place. It’s like you’ve been subconsciously arranging it in the back of your mind and all of a sudden it comes to the front and presents as the kernel of a vision, ready to be fleshed out with editing. After that the thing just flows, and it’s a joy.


Jess is another Wiltshire local who joined us to help with our Ecommerce clients. She is a specialist in the Pet industry and is the lead on our DogsDogsDogs project. Her skills include negotiating with new suppliers to help business expansion and is second to none with Shopify. She is usually accompanied by her two hounds Reg and Alfie.