Established in 2018

We are Chain was founded in 2018 by Rupert and Jim, a pair of Dorset based entrepreneurs whose experience of SME agencies left a lot to be desired. The company name represents their passion for cycling and the need to work together with our customers to grow their business. In a crowded agency environment.

We are Chain stand out because they only pass on advice based on experience learnt first-hand. As business owners themselves they have built over 20 years of experience selling online. Not only do they bring their previous experience to the job, they also own and run several online stores allowing them to continually experiment with ideas, apps plug ins and sales techniques to find the ones that work best.

The owners of the business love the countryside and work from home where possible as part of their drive to reduce their impact on the environment. Both Rupert and Jim are dog owners, Holly and Hula keep the boys healthy by encouraging daily walks in the surrounding fields.

Jim Chetwode

Jim has been using the internet to market for over 20 years. This has included time on both sides of the fence in an agency and as Marketing manger. This gives him a unique perspective and enables him to come up with ideas that might hark back to traditional days of postal marketing right through to using AI to save time and money and generate content that sells your products.

Examples of Our Work

Rupert Brown

Rupert is our resident eCommerce guru with over 20 years selling products of all shapes and sizes online, he knows a thing or two about making money in your sleep. He is co-founder of We Are Chain, alongside Jim, and looks after the majority of our Shopify clients. He is also a dab hand at email marketing and puts his years of working in the hotel industry to good use supporting our American clients.

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