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What's the story behind the Chain?

We are Chain was founded in 2018 by Rupert and Jim, a pair of Dorset based entrepeneurs whose experience of SME agencies left a lot to be desired. The company name represents their passion for cycling  and the need to work together with our customers to grow their business. In a crowded agency environment,

We are Chain stand out because they only pass on advice based on learned first hand experience. As business owners themselves they have built over 20 years of experience selling online. Not only do they bring their previous experience to the job, they also own and run several online stores allowing them to  continually experiment with ideas, apps plug ins and sales techniques to find the ones that work best.

The owners of the business love the countryside and work from home where possible as part of their drive to reduce their impact on the environment. Both Rupert and Jim are dog owners, Holly and Hula keep the boys healthy by encouraging daily walks in the surrounding fields. 

Jim Chetwode

Jim started his career in adventure travel in London, travelling to all corners of the globe. He moved to Dorset in 2003 to bring up 2 beautiful children with his lovely wife Francesca who keeps him on the straight and narrow. 

Jim loves the outdoors and can be found cycling the roads of Dorset or climbing the biggest hills in Europe with his friends. He is also passionate about the water and regularly paddle boards  or swims long distance either in competition or for leisure. He can also be found in cricket whites attempting to smash every ball for six (which has yet to happen)

Rupert Brown

Rupert is Dorset born and bred but developed his career all over the world working for some of the world’s largest hotel chains. He returned to his home county to bring up his two sons and enjoy the more relaxed country lifestyle. 

Rupert inspired Jim to start cycling and was the foundation of their cricket team, the chairman of the knockers. 

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