What does Google’s E-E-A-T mean for your SEO

What does Google's E-E-A-T mean for your SEO

What does EEAT stand for? E = Experience E = Expertise A = Authoritativeness T = Trustworthiness A Bit of Authority History Back in the good old days, there used to be a thing called Google+. Because it was Google a lot of SEO types jumped on it and thought it would be the bee’s […]

How to change the text on the Buy Now Button on Shopify

How to change the text on buy now button.

https://youtu.be/hhuVMkX5nDs In some instance, you may want to alter the standard text that comes with your Shopify store. This might be because it works better with what you sell or because you want to add some brand humor to proceedings. Whatever your reason there is a way to do most things in Shopify and changing […]

Shopify Tips and Tricks – How to set up Shipping Rates

One of the most important parts of getting your Shopify store online is to get the shipping rates correct. This is a core part of the success or failure of your online operation. How are the goods getting to the customer, what options do they have for shipping and is it easy to choose. If […]

How to save money shopping online using cashback

Your guide to cashback

We have been working in the ecommerce industry for a very long time. At one point I had over 100,000 photographs of sporting events online alongside hundreds of aerial photographs for sale. I have also run several other online shops some of which have worked and quite a few that haven’t. This has given me […]

WordPress – Gold Hill Farm Kitchen

Wordpress Case Study Gold Hill Farm Kitchen

Gold Hill Farm Kitchen is a brand-new business located a few hundred yards from the office. The idea behind it is  to get as much of Gold Hill farm’s produce onto the menu as possible. As a result, it is a predominantly vegetarian menu, cooked with love and served with smiles. They cook everything from […]

Top 10 Marketing Jokes

Cheer yourself up with a collection of some of the worst marketing jokes on planet earth.

Which is the best eCommerce Platform for Small Business?

Best ecommerce platform for small business

In the digital age, having an online presence is crucial for businesses. Getting the best e-commerce platform for your small business is essential. Ecommerce platforms provide businesses with the tools they need to establish and manage their online store. If you’re a small business owner in the UK, choosing the right ecommerce platform can help […]

Shopify Case Study – New Forest Wines

Shopify Case Study

Shopify Wine Shop New Forest Wines, is an independent Off Licence on the High Street in Ringwood, Hampshire. They offer a large selection of wines from around the world, including some locally sourced wines and spirits. The business has recently been taken over and only had a limited website with 4/5 pages.  The business wanted […]

Celebrating 5 years in business

Today, We are Chain Ltd are thrilled to announce that our West-Country based marketing agency is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The company has been through a rough time with Covid killing the core business. They are now happy to report a return to pre-pandemic levels after a period of pivoting and developing new income streams.It […]

Case Study – All About Sleep

Shopify Case Study

All About Sleep We were asked to help get the All About Sleep Website ready for launch. Part of what we offer is an hourly rate for bits and pieces. This can involve fiddly coding or just adjusting the aesthetics of a website. We also offer training for clients who have been sold a website […]