What is Affiliate Marketing – Part 3 – Meet the Customer

CUstomer Affiliate Marketing

In this, our final blog on Affiliate Marketing we are going to introduce the most important player in the process, your customer. The whole point of using affiliate marketing as a new channel is to enable you to reach out to new markets and be discovered by a much larger market than your traditional efforts […]

What is Affiliate Marketing – Part 2 – Meet the Publisher

Affiliate Marketing how it works

In our first Affiliate Marketing blog we talked about the advertiser and how as a brand or company they might consider using an affiliate network to promote their products. In this part of the blog we will talk about the Publisher, this is the platform, blogger, promoter etc who will actually drive the sales of […]

What is Affiliate Marketing? Part 1 – Meet the Advertiser/Brand

Affilate Marketing the Advertiser

If you are new to the term “Affiliate Marketing”, then this blog is for you. We are going to create a series of articles breaking Affiliate Marketing down into bite-sized chunks. In this Affiliate Marketing blog we will start with a break down of who is who in the Affiliate Marketing world so you don’t […]

Seminar Success – Introduction to eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing

It is only Wednesday and we have already had a full on week’s worth of running around, meeting new clients, hosting seminars and finding funding. Yesterday saw the first in our series of seminars on e-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing. The sun was shining brightly as 15 guests arrived for a delicous bacon sandwich and as […]

Starting Your Affiliate Marketing Journey – Infographic

Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn Here at Chain Digital HQ, we are just hours from delivering our first seminar on e-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing and getting over excited. So we thought we should produce a bit of content to help our guests take the journey further. This Affiliate Marketing infographic shows the basic next steps that […]

How to create the Perfect E-Commerce Store

In this series of articles, I (Rupert) am going to call upon not only my experience, but also utilise the power of the web and the knowledge shared by others to help to you to create a great user experience. Fail to Prepare or Prepare to Fail (I know it’s a cheesy expression but it’s […]