Proud to Deliver Productivity Training for the Heads Up Campaign

We are Chain have been invited to take part in the Governments “Head’s Up” small business campaign. Launched this week by Enterprise Nation the campaign aims to boost SME productivity by delivering on and offline training to small businesses across the UK.

As approved advisors to the membership of Enterprise Nation, we have been chosen to deliver productivity training to a group of business owners in June. We believe this is the perfect fit for Chain Digital because it is what we spend our time doing for small businesses day in day out.

Our clients typically own a successful business but are hindered from growing because of a lack of knowledge when it comes to being more productive with the tools at hand that they don’t use. This includes everything from using Hubspot as a CRM to keep an eye on your clients, prospects and general communications through to Mailchimp for connecting with your past customers, keeping them informed of what is happneing and any new products you might have.

These are just two examples of tools available for free to all business owners and in our experience, when implemented, can lead to a massive increase in sales performance. Combining them with your website, you can start to grow whilst saving time on other tasks that may now become redundant.

If you are looking to move your small business to the next level then you should consider signing up to the Heads Up programme. You also get 10 hours of support and training worth £1,000. What is there to lose?!

Linkedin Training with Guild of Fine Foods

We are firm believers in Enterprise Nation and have benefited so much in the past from their work, we would highly recommend joining as either a business owner or advisor. They give you access to a wealth of opportunities; our experiences have included access to Number 10, trade missions to Singapore and Dubai and the chance to lunch with the England Women’s Rugby Team! Find out more about the Heads Up campaign here.