Shopify Partner Agency in the South West

We are delighted to announce that We Are Chain have been certified as a Shopify Partner Agency. This means that we have passed through a process of learning, positioning us perfectly to help get you selling online on the Shopify Platform. In the past few years we have built numerous websites using WordPress/WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace and Shopify but firmly believe that for eCommerce there is only one way forward, and that is Shopify.

If you are looking for a platform that will make online selling simpler for you as the user of the back end then look no further. The beauty of Shopify for us is the ease of use and the knowledge that the platform has been built purely for eCommerce. Everything they do is geared towards easy control of products, stock, payments, and shipping for the owner and a smooth user experience for the customer.  

Shopify Marketplace

Building an online Marketplace

Not only can you build a traditional shop front on Shopify, it has the flexibility to be used for so much more. At We Are Chain, we have built several online marketplaces using multiple platforms and the one that survives every time is Shopify. Online marketplaces allow multiple vendors to sign up to your website and handle their own product uploads and sales and deliveries. We have tried WordPress and found it does not deliver plus the amount of updates leaves a complex system always lagging. Have a look at our very own Marketplace Designed in Dorset  to see what a Shopify marketplace can do. 

Bird and Carter Website

Building a Click and Collect Service on Shopify

As our expeirence has grown we have been approached for more complicated projects and one that makes us extremely proud is the development of the Bird & Carters website from a simple information site into a click and collect service combined with accomodation booking system. For this project we have taken Shopify usage to a new level and created something very exciting. Bird & Carter are an up and coming farmshop, cafe and catering company based in South Wiltshire. With mulitple locations and a growing shop service thanks to Covid 19, plus accommodation at one of their sites. They needed to move from WordPress to Shopify and be able to seamlessly intergrate a booking system that would allow them to sell rooms on mutiple channels. We teamed up with Eviivo and Shopify to create a multipurpose website capable of a vast array of functionality. Thanks to our Shopify Partner status we could adjust the functionality of the website to suit a unique set of parameters. We also agreed to provide support for the next 6 months to ensure we could quickly and efficiently fix any snags or introduce new functionality.