The Return of Shopify FAQs

This week saw the return of our Shopify FAQ sessions. Something we offered during lockdown to help businesses get online quickly using Shopify. Part of our process is to try and understand all of the elements of using Shopify and how to solve problems for our customers. We do this by building our own shops and running them as their own businesses. During this process we go through all the pains of start ups and find out what works and what doesn't. In the long run this saves us and our clients time and money by treating our own businesses as laboratories. 

Our Shopify FAQ sessions are all about offering free advice to anyone wanting to explore Shopify or make changes to their own website. This week we were joined by a photographer looking to incorporate Shopify Lite with Wix and a print service. 

Wix allows you to build a free website and can integrate with Shopify Lite Buy buttons. The cost of Shopify lite is only $9 and allows you to add a buy button to websites built on another platform. The basic package that we use for the majority of our websites is $29 a month and is ample for most SME online shops without huge numbers of products and no physical stores. 

Shopify Pricing

We were also asked to explain how to import a new theme and does your website go down while you install a new theme. 

No your website does not go down, the switch from one theme to another is seemeless and the result of pressing the publish button. One of the joys of Shopify is that you can build your new website on a new theme in the background while not paying for the theme. Once you have built the new site you can buy the theme and plublish it. Within seconds the new look theme will be live for all to see. 

If you want to join us for a new Shopify FAQ session then keep an eye out here and on our social media channels for new dates.