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As a member of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, we get to meet fantastic businesses of all sizes throughout the region. In the summer of this year, we were lucky enough to meet Karen Salmon, the owner of Marlborough Law. After a long chat and a few meetings we agreed to become their outsourced marketing department. 

The company is in a period of rapid growth and had decided to update its marketing and increase engagement with its customer base. In the first instance we rebuilt the Marlborough Law website on WordPress. This involved creation of new content by the ML team and a lot of work around the navigation and what to include. The website is responsive to all devices and has a look and feel that builds confidence in visitors. 

We also wanted to incorporate a CRM to capture customer inquiries in a central place. For this we used Hubspot which integrates with the website and ensures enquiries are looked after. We can also use the CRM to send out newsletters to keep customers engaged. 

The marketing now starts in earnest. The team from We are Chain are regular visitors to the Hungerford area and have spent time capturing video testimonials from clients and the Marlborough Law team. We then create blog posts and social media posts around these subjects. These bits of content are then shared across all social channels and the website. 

You can see the videos on the website and the company’s YouTube channel. If you are interested in this type of marketing service then please get in touch. If you are a member of the TVCC then we would particularly like to hear from you. 

Yes thank you We are Chain and the team. We had, like many small businesses, done our own marketing for 5 years, when I say did I mean pretended to do, amongst the other day jobs and clients. Our 1st website was outdated and uninformative and basically boring. We are Chain just took away all the worry and the stress of trying to remember to do marketing at the end of the day. They researched other legal firms and even convinced us to change our colour scheme and old pictures. What a difference it has made to our business in such a short time. Thoroughly recommend Jim and his team to anyone – we are so pleased with their approach and work ethic.

Karen Salmon, Marlborough Law


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