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In the summer of 2021 in between various lockdowns and restrictions we were approached by to create some customer stories using campsite owners to promote the search engine to other owners. launched a campsite directory in 2003 and aims to become the UK’s number one choice for finding and booking great touring, camping and glamping sites. We love the fact that they are not just a campsite search engine:

“We’re not just a campsite search engine. Our mission is to inspire our visitors to get out there and explore – to nurture a love of the UK’s Great Outdoors, one tent at a time.”

To build the business they need to encourage more owners to list on the website. As with any market, there is a lot of competition but Campsites have such a good level of customer service and high volume of website visitors that any listed owner would be happy to talk about the experience. 

We headed down to the new forest to interview the lovely people from The Back of Beyond Campsite. Martin and Victoria were amazing in front of the camera and we conducted a 30 minute interview to get the whole story. They told us about their beautiful campsite and touring park and showed us around the facility. Once the interview was complete, we headed around the park to film using a variety of cameras and our own drones. 

The drone footage was an excellent way to showcase the campsite as a whole and travel through the whole area. The campsite was full of interesting parts to film including 9 different glamping pods, ranging from Yurts to wooden cabins. When you take all of this and add it together with a well-edited video you get fantastic results. Our cameraman is of the highest quality with the best equipment and we look after the business side of things including the interview. 

The video is now front and centre of the campsites website encouraging owners to watch and learn about other people’s experiences. Using customers to tell your story is one of the best ways to boost your sales. The voice of your customer is far moe convincing than any kind of PowerPoint presentation and combining it with video brings the story to life. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our video services then please get in touch. 

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