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New Forest Wines, is an independent Off Licence on the High Street in Ringwood, Hampshire. They offer a large selection of wines from around the world, including some locally sourced wines and spirits. The business has recently been taken over and only had a limited website with 4/5 pages.  The business wanted to expand and be able to take orders online. In this Shopify Case Study, we will run through the quirements and build. 

The owners had tried to set up Shopify but didn’t have the time to learn it all from scratch. As a local Shopify Partner Agency, it was a pleasure to take on this project and help them get going. We are Chain, met with the owners and decided on a plan of attack. As is usual, the first thing to do is to get hold of the old website so we can sort out a holding page and correct the DNS. 

The Old Website

Shopify Off Licence

Project Requirements

The project requirements included:

  1. New Imagery of inventory
  2. Updated Branding
  3. Text for Pages
  4. Layout
  5. Events 
  6. Ticketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Linking to Social Media
  9. Click and Collect
  10. Training

The Solution

In the first instance, we decided on a theme that would be compatible with an off-license. You have to remember to request the visitor’s age before you can sell online. our favourite in this instance is the Impulse theme. Then we needed to decide on menu structure, which with wine can be quite complex. 

The second stage is to get the content together. We headed down to Ringwood in July and captured about 250 images of their wine bottles and began the process of transforming a collection of images with names and prices and tagging. 

Shopify Case Study Wine Merchants

The New Website

The new website has been built on the Shopify Platform

It contains over 200 products and a mega menu that enables visitors to find their wine of choice quickly and easily. There is also a comprehensive filtering list inside the categories. The website is brought to life by some fantastic imagery and great text content from the business owners. 

The business regularly runs wine-tasting events at their shop in Ringwood and they wanted to be able to sell tickets within the Shopify ecosystem, without having to rely on an external system like Eventbrite. We created tickets using products and added them into their own category. 

This shop is also built with gift cards and uses Shoopify’s own Gift Card templates to be able to organise them and generate automated codes for each card. This way the store owner can keep an eye on the value of each gift. 

Visit the website here…

Why not start your Shopify journey here? If you get stuck, we are here to help you go live. 

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