What does Google’s E-E-A-T mean for your SEO

What does Google's E-E-A-T mean for your SEO

What does EEAT stand for? E = Experience E = Expertise A = Authoritativeness T = Trustworthiness A Bit of Authority History Back in the good old days, there used to be a thing called Google+. Because it was Google a lot of SEO types jumped on it and thought it would be the bee’s […]

How to set up discounts in Shopify

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our Shopify Tips and Tricks  latest post. Today, we’re going to be talking about how to set up discounts on Shopify. Whether you’re looking to run a sale, offer a special promotion, or just give your customers a little extra incentive to buy, discounts can be a great way to […]

How to save money shopping online using cashback

Your guide to cashback

We have been working in the ecommerce industry for a very long time. At one point I had over 100,000 photographs of sporting events online alongside hundreds of aerial photographs for sale. I have also run several other online shops some of which have worked and quite a few that haven’t. This has given me […]

Tips and Tricks for Shopify Settings

How to get the most out of Shopify using the settings. If you are unsure of where the most important settings are then watch this quick video which explains every button. Hopefully saving you time and money when you set up your store.

Adding Variants to Your Products on Shopify

Adding Variants to Your Products on Shopify

Following on from the previous guide about how to add your products to Shopify. This video goes into more detail about adding variants to your products. This is when you need to add different options to your products, for example a colour of a shirt or size of something. 

Top 10 Marketing Jokes

Cheer yourself up with a collection of some of the worst marketing jokes on planet earth.

How to get started with Shopify

How to get started with SHopify

How to get started with Shopify? It can seem like a daunting task but it really is quite simple. Get all your ducks in a row first and understand the nuts and bolts of your business model, what are you selling, who are you selling it to, etc. Then you are ready to start building […]

Which is the best eCommerce Platform for Small Business?

Best ecommerce platform for small business

In the digital age, having an online presence is crucial for businesses. Getting the best e-commerce platform for your small business is essential. Ecommerce platforms provide businesses with the tools they need to establish and manage their online store. If you’re a small business owner in the UK, choosing the right ecommerce platform can help […]

Shopify Editions – Boosting Conversion Rates

Why conversion rates are important Your e-commerce conversion rate is the number of visitors to your website divided by the number of them who buy something. It is essential to know this figure if you want to grow your business. Why, because if you know this figure and you know how much to spend to […]