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Search Engine Optimisation – 12 Tips for Building Solid SEO Foundations

There is a lot of information on the internet about SEO, there are even more people will tell you they know everything about SEO. At Chain Digital, we are not here to show off about our knowledge and we are happy to admit we don’t know everything. Partly because no-one does. Ever since the departure […]

Guillotine England – Outsourced Marketing Department

Guillotine England Case Study Luxury Gilets The Customer Guillotine England are a local fashion brand based in South Wiltshire, they manufacture and sell a range of luxury Gilets on and offline. The product is fabulous and has many fans around the world. Unfortunately the company has had a tough time in the past with agencies […]

Starting Your Affiliate Marketing Journey – Infographic

Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn Here at Chain Digital HQ, we are just hours from delivering our first seminar on e-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing and getting over excited. So we thought we should produce a bit of content to help our guests take the journey further. This Affiliate Marketing infographic shows the basic next steps that […]