WordPress – Gold Hill Farm Kitchen

Wordpress Case Study Gold Hill Farm Kitchen

Gold Hill Farm Kitchen is a brand-new business located a few hundred yards from the office. The idea behind it is  to get as much of Gold Hill farm’s produce onto the menu as possible. As a result, it is a predominantly vegetarian menu, cooked with love and served with smiles. They cook everything from […]

Should you migrate your website to a new platform?

Should you migrate your website

https://youtu.be/Admf_CUxbIE In this video, I share with you my thoughts on moving / migrating your website to a new platform. Is it something you should consider and if so how do you go about it? We are currently very busy moving a lot of client websites to new platforms including Shopify and WordPress. The process is fairly […]

How Long Does SEO Take?

How long does SEO take

How long does it take to succeed at SEO? If you believe those spam emails that probably litter your junk tray then SEO is simple and they can get you to rank number one on Google in no time at all. If you have worked in the industry for any length of time you will […]

7 ways to speed up your website

How to improve your website speed

7 Steps to speed up your website Do you suffer from a slow website? Do you even know how fast your website is? Why should you care? At We are Chain, we believe a fast website is a good one and there are a lot of reasons this is true. Depending on the type of […]

Case Study – Oliver Roth

Property Search Website

Property Search Website Bristol Property Finder, Oliver Roth commissioned us to build their brand new website at the end of 2022. The website went live last month and is one that makes us feel a great deal of pride in our work. The Oliver Roth branding and design was created by another agency that gave […]

Marketing for Local Law Firm

Wordpress Website Aency for Law Firms

As a member of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, we get to meet fantastic businesses of all sizes throughout the region. In the summer of this year, we were lucky enough to meet Karen Salmon, the owner of Marlborough Law. After a long chat and a few meetings we agreed to become their outsourced […]

Securing your WordPress Website

Protecting your Wordpress website

WordPress software is run on over 40% of all websites. WordPress sites also make the highest percentage of security breached websites, so paying attention to your security is hugely important.In this blog I will outline what you can do to up your security, by way of reducing risks and vulnerabilities, as well as some good […]

7 Step Ecommerce Guide to Christmas Success

7 Step Guide to Christmas Shopify Optimisation

Introduction to Christmas Sales As we say goodbye to a long and especially hot summer this year, we must prepare ourselves for the onslaught of the Christmas season. As has been the case for the last 2 years, we really don’t know what to expect. Has it ever been this difficult to predict what is […]

How to Market to your database

How to market to your database

Start up or established business, you no doubt have some kind of database? It may be a few email addresses or number into the thousands, but are you making it work to your benefit, or is it just a nice to have accessory? In this post we discuss a few ways to engage with your […]

Discount Code Ideas to Boost your Shopify Store

Discount Code Ideas for your Shopify Business

No-one likes to give too much away, but sometimes you need to employ every trick in the marketing handbook and one of these is the discount code. Especially now, with the cost of living crisis, we are seeing more and more customers looking for discounts. In this guide, we share with your our best ideas […]