Do you struggle to manage your Squarespace website as an Ecommerce platform? Sometimes it is easier to move your website to a new platform to make life easier. A popular choice is Shopify. As a purpose-built e-commerce platform Shopify can be much easier to use because it is geared towards selling and not much else.

Managing your stock, ensuring orders are fulfilled and more are in the lifeblood of Shopify. There are literally thousands of apps to make your life easier and it integrates with everything from Klavyio to Xero seamlessly. If you want to find out more then talk to our team about moving your website from Squarespace to Shopify. If you want to find out more about Shopify read our blog on why you should choose Shopify for your small business. 

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Planning your move

  • Product Numbers

    How many products do you have. Is it time for a spring clean? A migration is an ideal time to get rid of some chaff that might even be slowing down the website.

  • Categories or Collections

    How many categories do you currently have, do products need to be reallocated to new ones or redundant collections removed. Again this is a perfect time to do this.

  • Menu Structure

    Are you keeping the same menu structure or is part of the reason you are moving because you don’t like the old version and want a mega menu.

  • Image Sizes

    Are you unhappy with the way your images are displayed. You might wan to change them to all square or portrait. You may also want to reduce the file size. These are common occurrences when migrating.

  • Redirect URLs

    When you move platforms, sometimes the url structure is different. Shopify has this problem so we need to redirect old urls to new ones.

  • Blog Content

    Are you keeping all of your old blogs? We need to move them across and ensure they look as good if not better than before. How may blogs are we moving.

  • Apps and Widgets

    What apps do you currently use? Mailer platforms, Live Chat and more may need to come with you, do they work on the new platform? All important questions.

  • Payment Solutions

    One of the downsides off Shopify is the fixed payment fees. You need to work out what it is going to cost you to sell on Shopify.

  • Page content

    How many pages do you have and what do they look like. How can we improve them and will they move easily to the new platform.

  • Videos and Social media

    Do you have lots of videos, what is the best way to display them on the new platform.

How much does Shopify Cost

How much does Shopify cost

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that lets you build and run an online store quickly and easily without the need for coding. It is paid for with a monthly subscription that varies depending on the size of your business, number of required users and requirements. There are different levels of Shopify subscription starting at £25 a month and going up to Shopify Plus which costs nearer £2,000 a month. 

What about Theme Costs

Shopify Theme Store

You can either use a free theme like Dawn that comes with a lot of abilities or pay for something more suited to your business. Themes are an excellent way to start building your store because they have a lot of widgets built in. If you need things like good size guides then we recommend Turbo Theme by out of the Sandbox or something cleaner but simple is Impact which we have used multiple times. 

We have written a piece which goes into more depth about “how to choose your Shopify theme” here. 

How much does it cost to Migrate to Shopify using an agency

We can not give you an exact price because every project is different. We can however use our experience to give you an idea of the cost of migrating from Magento to  Shopify based on a basic website with 20 products. 

At We are Chain our pricing for a migration starts at £2,000 for a Shopify migration. This incorporates time for an initial meeting, Export of products (20) from your old site to the new one. Setting up the Shopify Store and choosing a theme. We expect you to pay for the theme directly to Shopify. We are a clear and honest agency and as such don’t add any fees onto Shopify themes and subscriptions. 

If you have more products we need to consider how many because the migration will take longer. The planning part of the move is important and will take time especially if you want to change menu structures etc. Are we manually moving each blog post and page or doing it in bulk. Each one takes a few minutes.  

How many redirects are involved, each one might take a minute so add them up. Our hourly rate is £60 an hour. 

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