Drop Shipping Forecast

Rupert has been talking to the Metro Newspaper this week about Drop Shipping. The Drop Shipping forecast by Lily Canter – Metro looks at how the business model is helping entrepreneurs weather the Covid storm.

At We are Chain we run a number of our own eCommerce operations, one of which has been built on the Drop Shipping Model. We have even quite literally written the book, a 36 page eBook which we can send to you on the ups and downs of drop shipping. If you would like a copy then please get in touch, we go through the whole process from branding to fulfillment and customer service.

In the Metro article, Rupert explains the difference between margins of holding stock and using your suppliers to fulfill orders. Seen as an easy way to make money by some, we can reveal it takes a lot of hard work and sales to make a decent profit. But that is where Rupert’s expertise come in handy. 

We have built our Pet business up slowly, beginning with drop shipping from just a few suppliers until we understand the market properly. We have now got a mix of drop shipped products alongside a new warehouse from where we can ship the most profitable items. It also gives us a fair amount of control over shipping some products and enables us to brand them personally. 

If you are interested in starting a drop shipping business then we can help, it is a part of what we do as an agency. Either setting up from scratch or offering tips on how to get the most from your drop shipping business. 

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