In today’s digital age, an effective online presence is crucial for businesses aiming to attract customers and maximize their visibility. Chaldicott Barns, an award-winning mixed-use development situated in Semley on the Wiltshire/Dorset border, recognized the significance of a robust online platform in promoting its rental units and fostering community engagement. Partnering with our company, they embarked on a journey to revamp their website using cutting-edge technology, particularly leveraging the capabilities of WordPress.

Chaldicott Barns is a dynamic space offering retail, office, and industrial units, attracting a diverse range of businesses. With its scenic location and vibrant community atmosphere, it serves as an ideal destination for both entrepreneurs and visitors alike. The challenge lay in effectively showcasing the available rental units and promoting the events organized by the brands housed within the barns.

Enhance online visibility and brand perception for Chaldicott Barns.
Provide an intuitive platform for business listings and event management.
Foster community engagement by promoting events and facilitating interaction among stakeholders.

We devised a comprehensive solution centered around a WordPress based website. to fit the unique requirements of the location. The owner needed to be able to present the units for rent as well as showcase the current stakeholders. We leveraged the latest WrodPress technology to enable end users to be able to upload their own business details and events whilst maintaining the security and integrity of the website with multiple users.
This included gathering ifnormation and images from 20+ businesses via Dropbox. Maganing the content for the website was an important part of the build and required constant comms with multiple business owners.

The end result is a stunning website that promotes events, brands and the barns themselves to multiple audiences. With a very strong brand created by Bexi Harris of Curious Origins we had the perfect platform from which to roll out the results. The need to make the design stron was led by the fact that many of the stakeholders are themesleves household names who are careful about their brand association.

By leveraging the latest technology and a strategic approach to web design, our collaboration with Chaldicott Barns resulted in a highly effective online platform that not only promotes their rental units but also fosters community engagement through curated events. For businesses looking to revamp their websites and elevate their online presence, our case study serves as a testament to the transformative impact of a well-executed digital strategy.

This website has enabled us to continue our domincation of the North Dorset Landwscape and fits nicely in with our very own Visit Shaftesbury website. The more of these types of sites we build the better for the local area, so please do get in touch to see how we can help you promote your area.

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