Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are the pages that appear when you search for something on Google, Bing or Yahoo. You can think of them as a list of links to web pages that match your query. The higher up on the page your link is, the more likely it will be clicked by searchers. This means that getting high rankings in SERPs is important if you want to get traffic from organic searches.

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What is a Featured Snippet?

A featured snippet is an answer to a question that appears directly at the top of Google search results. It’s essentially like having your business show up on the first page of Google, but without all the work! Featured snippets are becoming more and more popular as people turn to their phones for answers instead of typing out long-form questions into their computers. If you want your business to be found online, then it’s time to get yourself a featured snippet!

Featured snippets have been shown to increase clickthrough rates by over 30% because they appear so prominently in search results. That means if someone searches “hwo to do SEO in Wiltshire?” and the We are Chain website shows up as a featured snippet, there’s almost no chance they won’t click through and read what we have to say about improving their SEO. This makes getting yourself one of these coveted spots even more important than ever before! With our service, we will work with you to discover the most relevant search queries that result in Featured Snippets. 

The first part of the process is to understand the buyer intent behind search quries and if they are likely to make a purchase once they have seen and read you rich snippet. We can then work to crreate content that matches these search queries, enabling your website to show up on Google and Bing. We use tools like Google Search Console to understand what your website is being found for and to understand where you currently rank. Google Search Console gives you the tools to be able to see what pages generate Featured Snippets. 

When it comes to Rich Snippets and eCommerce, we have lots of experience working with our own websites. A perfect example being if we wanted to be found for “seo for ecommerce using shopify”.

We might want to start by putting that phrase into Google and seeing if it comes up with any Featured Snippets.  So if we type – seo for ecommerce using shopify the results look like this:

seo for ecommerce using shopify

You can now see hwo many alternative suggestions Google comes up with. It hasn’t necessarily found my exact search query but is trying to be helpful and find the right answer to my question. We can now decide how to go about winning the answer battle and it is isn’t going to be easy. The majority of sites that are winning this featured snippet battle are websites that specialise in providing up-to-date information about SEO and have been around for years. This doesn’t mean to say it is impossible, we just have to work at it.

What we need to do is come up with a content plan to try and feature in the featured snippets by answering questions we think our audience will be interested in.

A useful tools is to create 5/10 step guides to make it easy to digest and for Google to present. Following this guideline is essential, Google likes to represent bullet point answers because it encourages users to click through and find out more. 

I am going to start by using the query I think most suits our clients, because it is also a query we often ask ourselves and get asked by our clients. 

5 steps to good SEO on Shopify

  1. Thorough Keyword Research
  2. Unique Product Descriptions
  3. Use Alt Tags on All your images
  4. Optimise the website for speed
  5. Ensure website security

This is a quick list and very short, it may help to produce one a bit longer. It is key to follow the advise in the list while you are at it. Feature the relevant keywords in your answers which will help Google understand what you are answering. We might want to add the word Shopify in a few times without spamming it. 

While we are answering featured snippet questions it is worth mentioning the use of other result types. Images might come up but one of the most powerful Q&A tools is of course video. If you have the capability to create videos that answer your customers questions then you might want to think about this as well. A 2-minute video will be a lot more useful than lots of text. Don’t forget that YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine and is owned by Google so it is quite likely to feature in results if you upload to YouTube. 

You can find out how we use video to reduce returns and answer customers questions without having to make a phone call by reading this blog.

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