What does Shopify Editions Winter mean for your online store

What does Shopify Winter Editions 24 mean for your store

On the 31st January, Shopify released their latest set of editions, Shopify Winter Editions 24. This is what Shopify call their updates which they tend to bulk together into one giant release every winter and summer. As usual this set of Editions did not disappoint and we can already see some brilliant improvements for our customers.

One of the reasons we love Shopify is because they consistently re-invest in the platform to make things better for developers, store owners and the end customer. The video below gives you a good idea of what has been released but to save you time and effort, we have pulled together our first glance takeaways.

Key Takeaways from Winter Editions

  • Blocks within Blocks – Imagine being able to move content inside blocks around and even add more. Changing the way sections like columns work completely.
  • B2B Sales Access – Give your sales teams access to their own customer dashboard. Enabling you to monitor performance on an individual basis.
  • Editing the Checkout – Shopify has the fastest checkout in the world and it is about to get much better. They are giving you the tools and apps to make your own changes to the checkout process.
  • Large Catalogue Management – New tools to make it easier to manage large and complex product catalogues. Including the removal of the 100 product catalogue view.
  • New Advertising Opportunities – Maximise your ad performance using the brand new remarketing algorithm. Pay only for paying customers.
  • Finance Section Updates – Shopify Capital Term Loans offer more customizable options.
  • Speed updates – Improvements to the Checkout resulting in 95% increase in speed. 35% increase in website speed.

Don’t forget AI

No new release would be any good without a nod to AI. Shopify Editions Winter 24 has some awesome AI built in with the Shopify Assistant. This will help you to improve the way you edit images and content and support you to deliver excellent customer experiences.

If you want to know about the new release of editions and we have had time to absorb it in more detail, get int ouch and we will talk you through what it could mean for your online store.

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