Shopify Case Study – Spongewear

In the summer of 2023, we were approached to help a start up get online. The company had a fantastic product and knew they needed to have a slick online operation that could handle their sales and make life easy for the owners. One of the keys to choosing Shopify is the ability to get up and running quickly and this is what they wanted. With a bit of training and support from us we had them selling in no time at all. The company is called The Spongeware Company and you can find their website here.

The extra requirements for this project included bundles of products, discount codes and most recently wholesale provision. A good example of the type of support we offer is when the client attended the Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia they needed a way to give visitors a discount. This means they could keep a track of any sales resulting in the attendance at the Christmas Fair. One phone call to us and we created the discount code that could then be added to flyers from the event.

As Shopify Partners we have access to the back end of all our clients websites, meaning we can pop in and make changes while they are busy running the sales side. If this sounds like something you might need as a service then please get in touch.

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