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This week we set live a brand new website for a friend of ours. Adam Keville is an old family friend and when he approached us for help with a website for his hypnotherapy business we knew we had to help. 

As We are Chain we regularly help businesses get off the ground and if they are a really good “thing” then we often do it for Free as part of our CSR efforts.  The Cotswold Hope Clinic is something that touches our hearts. Adam is the father of a child with special needs and an experienced hypnotherapy practitioner. He wants to be able to help other families like his own get through some of the immense stress and anxiety that comes with looking after your family.

The Cotswold Hope Clinic is Often referred by local GP’s, Adam has a wealth of practical experience; ranging from crippling teenage exam anxiety, chronic phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and even coaching professional sports players using “mind management” skills.

The website is simple in its design and works as a signpost to Adam and his services. We wish him all the best and hope he goes forward helping those in need. 

Websites for therapists

As part of the project we included some logo design and although this is not our main strength we were pretty happy with the result. We are sure as the business grows it will be redone, but for now the lifebelt symbology and the butterfly catcher serve Adam well. 

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