As we approach the halfway point in 2022, we thought it time to reflect on new technology and trends in the world of eCommerce. As a Digital Marketing Agency based in the heart of the countryside, you may think we wouldn’t be up to date with as much a big city agency, but we can happily tell you we are, and we have better walks on our doorstep. This list is something compiled over the last couple of months that we have learned through our own experience on our own shops or working with our clients.

Shopify 2.0

Shopify 2.0 has been around for a while now, but we have taken the time to learn and understand it before commenting. All we can say is WOW, if you haven’t moved on yet, it is time to do so. The added flexibility of this update is immense and allows you to do so much more to your website than previously possible. 

Sections everywhere…

Prior to 2.0, you would have to use a clever workaround or adjust code to be able to build specific pages using sections. We got fairly used to this, but it was clumsy and meant you could only do it a few times before you slowed the whole site down. 

Now, you can add as many pages as you like with sections, just like on the homepage. Meaning you can build specific landing pages with collections, images, video, text, and more. Without having to engage a developer at all. All you do is to select the drop-down in customizer and instead of picking Default page, you can create a template. You can even use the basis of another page to build from. So if you have created a lovely-looking Lookbook, you can duplicate it and change the images, and voila a new sexy-looking page. 

Be aware your old theme might not support 2.0 so please check. If it does your upgrade might be free. If not you will probably have to pay twice the price to move to 2.0 on a new theme. So think $400 not $200.

Dawn Theme

The new Dawn theme that works with Shopify 2.0 and is free is pretty cool. It comes with lots of features and is the basis for developers to start building their own themes on. If budget is an issue and you are stuck on a bespoke theme that doesn’t work with 2.0 then Dawn might be the answer. You can build some excellent product pages with tabs, metafields and integrate apps. You can also do what we suggest above and create multiple pages using sections. 

Performance Max Campaigns

If you are using automated shopping campaigns with Google Ads you might have noticed a new option available to you. Performance Max campaigns have appeared as a new option. As the name suggests they are ad campaigns with a boosted capability. As we know, Google really wants you to spend more money, hence the sexy name. We have been trying it out and it does seem to work as well if not better than the old smart campaigns. Watch the video below for more info. In our opinion, you can control more with Performance Max than you could with the old campaigns and the reporting is better.

According to the Search Engine Journal, By the end of Q3 2022 Performance, Max will have replaced Google Smart Shopping Campaigns, so you may want to get started now. 

“More automation is among us. Advertisers should lean into automation when possible, while still maintaining some level of control. These levels of control all lie within messaging, bidding, budget, audiences and more.” 

Search Engine Journal

We will continue to add to this blog as we identify more eCommerce news in 2022. If you have anything you would like to know more about then please get in touch. 

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