Marketing automation that drives sales

The Goal Of Content Marketing Is To Create Content That Reaches Your Target Audiences And Encourages Them To Buy, Interact And Engage.

If you have a database of customers you should be using that information to build growth, loyalty and sales. If you aren’t, then we can help. At We are Chain, we have lots of experience creating automated email campaigns for our clients.

Depending on the size of the database and your budget we can help give you the power to communicate with your customers. With email marketing you can quickly boost your bottom line, build referals or just educate current customers and upsell to them.

As a Hubspot partner, We are Chain have been contracted by Doug Abbott of Gitgo Group to assist them with their sales & marketing campaigns for some of the world’s leading hotel groups like IHG, Wyndham, Group 6 & Choice. Our remit has been to build, schedule & monitor monthly email campaigns to over 25,000 people every month and feed back results to internal & external teams.

Doug Abbott



Platforms to match your needs

How to use Klavyio

Klaviyo is one oour chosen partner platforms that lets us control customer communication on one platform. The perfect integrator for any website with systems that are easy to set up and run.

One of the most popular CRMs, Hubspot is an excellent way to track your sales, delivery marketing communications, and embed within your workflow. We can show you how to boost sales and drive engagement like never before. 

Doing Something Different

Sending out emails is all very well but to make it work you need to be doing something that stands out from the crowded inbox of your target audience.

This is why when we planned a series of emails targetting engineers, we thought it might be a bit more fun to do something engaging like Chip of the month.

Each month we select a Semi conductor chip and celebrate its achievements. These are points that make the chip unique and a success. It may not float everyone’s boat but it works for our target audience. Plus everyone gets to know a bit more about IC chips and what they do.

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