We love helping SMEs to grow by sharing our experience, garnered over the years. When we heard about the Help To Grow Scheme, we thought what a great idea and jumped on board. +This is part of a scheme launched in 2021 to help small businesses in the UK to grow, by offering mentorship to them. 

If you have five years or more in business, you can join the ranks of volunteers who are helping tohers to grow. This isn’t anything like Coaching, this is being a sounding block for business owners. 

Helping them to navigate through the everyday process of growing your business. Sometimes it isn;t easy to talk to your staff or even your partner at home. You just need someone to run ideas past. 

As a mentor you do not have to give solutions, it is more of a monitoring and accountability thing. Suggesting deadlines and following up to see if they have been completed. You may also have a useful little black book to share contacts with. 

If this is of interest, why not volunteer as a mentor your self? Click this link and you will be contacted by Help to grow to attend a training session to see if it is something you want to take further. 


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