Social Media Training

This week, Jim headed off to Bridgwater in Somerset to help train members of the Bridgwater Chamber of Commerce on the use of Tik Tok and Instagram for business. The event was part of the new partnership between SBA and the Chamber, helping to deliver training to local businesses and start up entrepeneurs. Geared towards running short form video as part of your marketing, Jim focused predominantly on Reels and how to create them using tricks he has learned over the past few years.

The key to Reels is to know how to get the most out of the video editing platform that you use. This might be the social media app itself or something like Canva where you can make reels and share them across multiple platforms. Video is such a powerful tool and we all carry the full editing suites around with us all day. Combine quality footage with fun audio and some stickers or captions and you have an engaging piece of material.

We ran through how to research your competitors, find the right hashtags and what is trending in the world of short form video. The feedback from the event was excellent and we are delighted it went down so well.
If you are interested an a little bit of training, Jim and Rupert regularly deliver webinars, in person sessions and more to businesses across the South West. This can be anything from Shopify Training through to how to film video on your phone. Get in touch to find out more.

Instagram Training

The workshop stood out for its interactive format, allowing participants to create social media reels on the spot with guidance. This hands-on approach ensured that attendees could immediately apply what they learned, reinforcing the workshop’s practical impact.

Diogo Rodrigues, Chamber Manager
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