Carbon Neutral Agency

We are Chain Goes Green

Carbon Neutral Agency

As business owners and above all parents, we know how important it is to be responsible for the way we operate when it comes to the planet. The future is not ours and belongs firmly in the hands of our children, which is why we have been working hard to be a Carbon Neutral Agency. Today, we received our certification from the Carbon Footprint Company to confirm that we are now carbon Neutral.  

We are Chain has a fleet of Electric vehicles and we have now fully embraced a work-from-home mentality with the occasional get-together to plan upcoming works. We use the latest technology to communicate with our customers and keep mileage down to a minimum where possible.

If you are looking for a Sales and Marketing agency in Wiltshire or Dorset to help build your next website or improve your sales and they need to fit with your own environmental policies, then look no further. We are Chain Ltd is a Carbon Neutral Agency. 

Carbon neutral

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