Content Marketing

The goal of content marketing is to create content that reaches your target audiences and encourages them to buy, interact and engage.

The phrase content marketing covers a lot of ground, which is why we like to take a deep dive into your business before we launch any strategic plan. We have an in-house team who can create the right content for your audience, we just need to understand what that content is and where and how it should be presented. 

Content can be created in a multitude of formats and includes blog posts, Social Media, Podcasts, Press Releases, Video, your website, and even events. We want to help you to increase the number of leads entering your funnel and begin to educate them about your products and services so when they are ready to buy they are already halfway to the decision to choose you. 

Examples of Video Content Marketing

We have run content campaigns for several businesses. Below is an example of some videos we created for the fashion brand Guillotine England. The videos are stories of customers who love the brand and wear their Gillets daily. This includes some of the most famous artists in the UK. We also created a sizing video to educate customers about how to measure your  “chap” for his Gilet. A bit of humour goes a long way and the a videos were celebrated amongst the artists local community as a badge of honour. 

Each video leads us to a story that can then be shared in a blog post, which is then shared across social media. At the same time as we shot the videos we can take quality images to use on the website and to bolster the story. 

How to channel the Customer

Once we have created the content we want to be able to push our visitor or reader through the funnel until they come out the other end as a customer. How do we do this? By creating a funnel using a set of automated tools that will help keep them informed on their journey and send out buying signals to get them over the line. This might be through email marketing or on social media. While they surf the internet your presence should keep appearing in the right place at the right time. 

We use a variety of tools to accomplish this including Hubspot and Klavyio, but we can adjust the tool to suit your needs. We will look after the implementation and integration. Most of these tools are pretty easy to use once set up. If not we can train you. 

Marketing Automation Tools

How to use Klavyio
HUbspot CRM