Video and Photography

Bring your products and brand to life using video and photography

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, well imagine that with movement. Video is an important part of any digital marketing campaign and we can help you make the most out of it. Our video solutions mean we can cater to any budget from big budget multi camera options, right down to using your mobile phone to capture something in the moment that doesn’t require high end production values. We have a portable studio enabling us to film and photograph at your office or warehouse and we can also provide studio based solutions if required.


Event Videos

Video is the most engaging form of content for your website and social media. Chain Digital will create a library of video content that will be your 24 hour sales tool. We can help to shorten your sales cycles by creating explainer videos that show off your product and reduce enquiries or get your customers extoling the virtues of your products.

“How-to” Videos

In today’s complex world where more and more is created online, we have found that producing “how-to” videos for some of our clients has made their lives much easier. These videos can form part of a sales toolkit and through the use of subtitles, can easily be translated into a multitude of different languages.

Videos with humour

We do think it important to have a little bit of humour on a day-to-day basis and this is an example of one such video! We can promise that no pheasants (or frozen chickens) were harmed during the making of this!


Video storytelling

Give your customers a voice by using them to tell stories about their experience with you and your products or services. We can create unique short stories that will help promote your brand and products by letting them make peer to peer recommendations. Our clients have found this an invaluable tool which also helps to boost their search engine rankings.