Web Design

Do you own a website that you have no control over or are you looking to grow your business? Through digital marketing we can help.

We regularly come across businesses who have a good website, but no access to the back end. Great if you have no technical knowledge, but how can you expect to increase your enquiries or update your products. This is where our website design team come in, we can create you a brand new website from scratch or transfer your old one onto a platform like WordPress from which you can easily make changes. Our solutions are led by you and we always look to the long term. Meaning we can either control your content for you or train you in how to use the CMS (Content Management System) yourself so you can take ownership of your website. 


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Our first step is to get to know you and your business, understand your goals and where you want to be in the next few years. What skills are present in your business and what we can provide for you? Sometimes this can be as simple as gathering all of your contact data into a single place and use it to email to your customers. With other businesses we might recommend a rebuild to make it easier to change things on an outdated website. At every point of the build we will be looking to maximise the potential for your website in terms of search engine optimisation.

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The examples shown on this page are all of websites we have built to enable the owners to make their own changes. We can follow a previous design or create new ones. All of our designs are geared around ease of use for the visitor and clear and functional goals that can easily be tracked and followed up. Whatever the goal of your business, we will build the website accordingly to increase sales, leads or awareness. We can also combine useful sales tools like CRM systems into the equation to ensure you never lose an enquiry again.

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If you run your own business and want to get more from your website but don’t have access, or technological know-how, then please do get in touch. There are all sorts of pitfalls when it comes to websites, from choosing the correct URL, deciding on a hosting package or even who to use for managing your daily emails. 

We promise to explain it to you in a jargon-free language and will make sure you have the best solution for your business!

“Thanks guys for our fabulous new website. It’s been an amazing journey working with you both. Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance.”

Natalie Evans
Owner, JD Kitchens and Joinery