How long does it take to move to Shopify?

How long does it take to move to Shopify? How long is a piece of string? Just kidding, there are certain timeframes you can use but it essentially comes down to what are you moving, how much of it is there and what do you want to change on the new version. As with any project of this type it also come down to planning. If you get everything ready before you start and know the steps you are going to take then it can be really quick. We have done this multiple times and have a group of very happy business owners as a result. You can find their case studies here:

This is why you might want to use an agency like ours who have the experience of multiple moves to Shopify. We have taken a lot of time creating posts like this one to help you out. You might want to start by reading this blog post or watching the video to see all the components of a move to Shopify.

4 Steps to Migrating your website to Shopify

Step 1: Move all of the content across to Shopify

Step 2: Create the new pages required with Shopify e.g. the Home Page, About us and Contact us.

Step 3: Confirm payment providers, Shipping details, Banking verification, contact details, social media links and branding identity.

Step 4: Redirects and go live checks, perform dummy orders, check automations and ensure a customer journey is a simple one.

How long does this take?

We would suggest splitting it into weekly chunks to ensure you can test and ensure it has all moved correctly for each stage of the cycle. If you allow a week for the transfer and then checking all products are present with the correct tags and categorisation. You can begin to go through the rest of the process as and when you like. Allow yourself some time to get used to Shopify and understand its customizer so you can build new pages. Don’t forget transferring the blog might be a manual process, so allow for this too.

In all allowing 4 weeks for the migration to Shopify should give you enough time if you have everything in order and ready to go. If you want to make more serious changes to the new website like re-do the navigation then allow extra time for this too.

As with all website builds in order to go live you need everything ready to enable customers to purchase a product. This means the critical path is often something simple like verifying which payment providers you are going to use. They require proof of identity and there can be some strange hoops to jump through. One last comment is about your domain and do you have the log in for it. If you don’t you may struggle when going live so get this sorted asap.

If you would like to chat to us about moving your website to Shopify, we have experience moving sites from WordPress, Magento, Wix and Squarespace.

FAQs about moving to Shopify

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