How to create a custom page on Shopify

How to create a custom page on Shopify

In today’s video, we share with you how you can create a custom page within the Shopify Customizer instead of the basic options in the page builder.
No need to use page builders like Shogun to create fantastic-looking web pages within Shopify. In days gone by it was difficult to create exciting pages that helped build on your brand. With Shopify 2.0 you can now edit and create pages using the sections rfom the homepage customizer. Beleive us when we say not enough people use this to boost their stores engagement.

To create a bespoke About us page in Shopify, all you need to do is use the customizer drop-down at the top of the online store. Click on the page options and create a bespoke page. You can choose from a series of options depending on your theme. Get creative and add in images of your team, some of the histroy of the brand. Don;t forget that the majority of website visitors will look at the baout us page to see if they trust you enough to buy from.

This will enable you to use the same drop-down page builder as you get on the homepage. This gives you the chance to use sections like Text and image or newsletter sign-ups. Look around at some good examples of About us pages to get some inspiration. A good example is our about us page on Dogs Dogs Dogs where we have included pictures of our dogs as staff members. .

Once you have built your page, don’t forget tot link the template up with the actual page in the dashboard by selecting the template you have just built.
If you want to know how to use this to its full capability we can help you. If you want to know something else about Shopify, watch the other videos in our series of Shopify Tips and Tricks.

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