How to Create a Customer Manually within Shopify

Sometimes you might want to take an order over the phone and use the back end of the Shopify website to do so. In this case, you need to know how to create a customer manually. In this video, Rupert shares how to create a customer using the manual process available in the back end of your Shopify store.

You might even be at a fair and need to add a new customer to be able to take their order. Before creating the order you need to have a customer to assign it to. The bonus here is that it gives you a chance to fill in as much information as possible. Perfect for ongoing marketing projects. If you get an email and phone number you can do SMS marketing alongside calls to enhance your customer service. 

Tagging your customers is another great way of gathering important marketing information. You can tag them by products or personal info like the fair they attended and then send out more targeted information. 


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