The Add to Cart Button has disappeared in Shopify

A recent panicked enquiry from a Shopify store owner led us to find out how to reinstate the add to cart button on her website. The Shopify store owner had received a call from her client asking how to press buy on her website? Quite obviously an emergency for everyone concerned. The customer couldn’t complete her purchase and the owner received no order. 

Why did the add to cart button disappear from Shopify?

The add to cart button can disappear for a number of reasons. 

  1. The cart is still there but the global colours have made it disappear. White text with a white background being the first thing to check. 
  2. Something has changed in the settings – Have you got Show dynamic checkout buttons ticked?

How to add the add to cart button back.

If your issue is number one you should still be able to hover a mouse over where the button is and it will change shape. So you know the button is still there and you can alter the colours by going to: 

Customize – Theme Settings – Colours and change the colors of the buttons. 

If the dynamic cart is the issue you can solve this by going to:

Customize – Product Template (default template) – click on the add to cart button. and select the tick box that has appeared on the top right hand side of your screen. 

How to check if it is working

You now need to make sure the button is working. Open up your website in a new browser or window and even go as far as trying an incognito browser. Check it works then go to mobile and do the same. We hope this helped and think the problem might be having an outdated version of your theme that is causing the conflict. Do not forget to make a duplicate of your theme before you try updating just in case. You can find more useful Shopify tips and tricks in the Shopify section of our website. 

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