The online shopping experience is advancing at the fastest rate since the internet began. Accelerated last year by forced lockdowns, technology is now available to all sizes of online store that would have cost thousands of pounds before. One of these offerings is to be able to create 360° photography of your products. You can then allow the customer to use their mouse or fingers to be able to move the object around and even zoom in from any angle. Sounds too good to be true! Well it isn’t, we think it is a huge step forward when you consider high street retail outlets are now open and anyone can walk in and just pick up a product. 

When you think about your online experience the one thing that is often missing is the ability to look at the product from all sides. Something you can do offline very easily, as long as you bring hand sanitiser that is. Now with a few equipment purchases, your mobile phone, an app and some software, you can make your own.We have been playing with the idea for months now and are starting to ramp up the use of 360° photography on our online pet store: Dogs Dogs Dogs.

Have a look at the Earthbound Luxury Tweed Dog Bed that is one of our most popular items. You can see the usual selection of images that every stockist shows. However, once they have loaded you can see that one is a 360° image. Have a look on your phone and you will see that you can move the bed around and zoom in using your fingers. 

Why use 360° product photography?

  1. Creates more engagement for your customers
  2. Do it before your competitors do
  3. Keep customers on your site for longer
  4. Reduce Bounce Rates
  5. Let customers see more of your products

Do you have products that would benefit from this sort of additional interactivity? We can help you get your product collection online without any hassle in our studio here at Chain HQ. Why not give us a call and see what we can do. 

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