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Purrfect Cat Gifts

With our rather biased opinion of four-legged friends, it came as a surprise earlier this year to be asked to help with a cat gift website. As Dog owners and indeed founders of a fast-growing online dog shop we know a thing or two about puppies but not much about the feline side. 

Purrfect Cat Gifts is a labor of love for Luan and Neil, based in Halstead, Essex. With loyal customers all over the globe, the company stocks a huge range of cat-related gifts. If you own or know the owner of a cat then this shop is perfect for you. 

Shopify 2.0 vs Gem Page Builder

Shopify Mega Menu

Use Shopify’s free Trial to see if it works for you?

Shopify Free Trial

The task for We are Chain was to bring the website up to date using the latest version of Shopify and a new theme. We come across a lot of online shops that are slightly stuck having used a page builder in the past. Yes, it was a necessary evil a few years ago, but with the advent of Shopify 2.0 you can build as many pages as you like using sections without having to install an app.  

The Purrfect Cat Gifts shop is a fantastic mix of humorous presents, unique cards for all occasions and just the plain bizarre. We thought dog owners were odd but catty people take it to a whole new level. 

The first part of the project was to rework the collections and introduce a mega menu structure to make it easier to find products. The old website had long single file menu systems, the new mega menu system is a lot easier to navigate. 

Shopify Product Creation

Getting products right is such a key component to building a Shopify store. With the old version of Shopify, relying on apps like meta fields guru and a variety of size guide apps meant slowing down the website. With Shopify 2.0 you can do a lot of this within the Shopify ecosystem.

With big rebuilds like this, a lot of time is spent fixing the simple but obvious errors. One of which is having multiple ratio images. When images are displayed in collections, if they are not uniform, it makes the website look cheap. Select your desired ratio depending on your products. If the majority of your products are tall and thin the portrait is the obvious answer. Square is the preferred ratio for Shopify but don’t let that hold you back. 

Humour is key to eCommerce

Use Shopify’s free Trial to see if it works for you?

Shopify Free Trial

One of our key beliefs is to not take everything too seriously. We are here to have some fun as well as build an exceptional business. Which is why we loved working on Purrfect Cat Gifts. There is not an opportunity missed to add in some cat-related jest or pun. Some of our favorites include:

  • 100% Cattisfaction
  • Gifts with Cattitude
  • Shop Meow
  • Right Meow
  • Pawesome

So thank you to Luan and Neil for letting us join you on your journey. We wish you all the best and a busy winter season. If you are looking for help with your online pet store then we have the pedigree (forgive the pun). 

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