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Case Study – SoWest Fancy Dress – WordPress to Shopify

Who doesn’t like a bit of fancy dress? We are partial to a bit of dressing up ourselves and really enjoyed working on this website migration project with the lovely Sharon and her team from SoWest Fancy Dress. Sharon had been introduced to us by a business advisor who recommended she try and increase her direct sales as opposed to being totally reliant on eBay and Amazon. 

It is a question we get asked more and more. How can I take sales away from the big marketplaces, who do everything they can to squeeze more money out of business owners? Our response is to suggest we give them a hand reworking their website to boost its performance and if necessary move to a new platform more suited to their needs. In our case, it is usually a recommendation to head towards Shopify. 

This website migration involved moving over 250 products from WordPress and Woocomerce to the Shopify Platform. A redesign of how products were displayed and in particular a lot of work on the search functionality that was failing so badly on WordPress. With over 200 orders a day from multiple platforms the site needed to talk to both Amazon and eBay to keep track of orders and stock.

Wordpress vs Shopify

Integration with Storefeeder and Xero was both integral to the functionality of the website. Luckily the support from Storefeeder and the back end of Shopify made this task easy to carry out. If you are looking for an integrated stock solution we couldn’t recommend storefeeder any more than we do already. 

There are multiple reasons to move your business away from reliance on the big players, one of which is more control. With Amazon you rarely sell more than one item because it keeps recommending other vendors products. If you have a good website presence and you know how to use it you can add bundles and control the areas outside of your products like the “you may also like” sections. Matching up Alice in Wonderland with The White Rabbit for instance.

When World book day approaches and the website goes viral you can ensure all the world book day options are shown at once rather than relying on Amazon to not show the kitchen sink or a 50 inch TV to distract your audience. 

If you are looking to migrate from WordPress to Shopify, we have a lot of experience, so please do call us for a chat.  

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