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Case Study – Tisbury Deli

The Tisbury Deli

Online Delicatessen

This week saw the launch of a brand new online venture for one of our nearest local institutions, the Tisbury Delicatessen. Serving North Dorset and South Wiltshire some of the best local and Mediterranean products known to man, the deli has made the move to online and asked us to do the heavy lifting. As an eCommerce agency, this comes as second nature to us and this project was especially exciting due to the delicious food that we would be salivating over as we built the website and photographed the products. 

Bespoke Product Photography

Bespoke Product Imagery

Using Shopify to build the store, we decided to go a step further and create our own style of product photography to really bring this to life. Too many websites are filled with the same photography as used by the original producer or wholesaler. This was a chance to make Tisbury Deli stand out from the crowd as it does in the high street. As I am sure you will agree the photography we captured has achieved our aims and gone above and beyond the normal display of products.

Creating a Catalog of Food

Online Delicatessen

The number of products in this project is around the 300 mark and therefore requires some scientific processing to establish how to make navigation easy. This is where the team from Chain come in handy. We own and run our own online operations and have experience managing product lines that run into their thousands. Ensuring an easy way to navigate any eCommerce website is key to success. We are keen to start with the customer and work backward, combining this with the business owners’ intimate knowledge of their products and our technical knowledge we can create something easy to use and of course manage from the back end.  

If you want to put your food business online then why not get in touch and talk to one of the team about how we can support you. Our specialty is Shopify but we can also work with your legacy platforms like WordPress and Wix.  

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