DIscount codes not showing in Shopify

How do I turn on the discount code box in Shopify

What happens if your discount code box is not showing up in your Shopify store? This is a common problem with brand new Shopify websites and it can mean a loss of sales if you are promoting sales but not allowing customers to use their codes. 

We found this issue with a website we set live recently and the problem was quite simple. There had been no discounts set up, so why should Shopify show a discount code box when there is nothing to input. 

How to add the discount box to shopify checkout

There is no need to go looking for a missing button or switch in the Shopify Customizer. Just add a discount code to your store and the box will re-appear. 

What if the discount box still won’t appear?

If the discount code box does not appear after you have added a discount then you should check the expiry dates on your discounts. If they have expired the box will dissappear again. You should also check if you have any checkout apps added to the store, they may be causing a conflict. If you think this is the case then contact the app provider or Shopify support. 

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