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How to Transition to Shopify

If you are looking to migrate or transition your website to Shopify you should think about getting all of your ducks in a row before you begin. We always refer to this process as being akin to moving home. It is not as simple as just picking up all your possessions and dropping them into the new house. you have to understand that Shopify is its own platform and will differ from what you are used to.

Whatever platform you move from, the way to move to Shopify is roughly the same, you just have to identify how much information you can move from one to the other with automation or will you have to do it manually.

Step by Step guide to transitioning to Shopify

The good news it that the transition to Shopify can be an excellent chance to reinvigorate your website. Shopify offers excellent mega menu options that are easy to use than WordPress. It also displays products in a clearer fashion and is simpler to control from the back end.

  • Set up your Shopify Store – Choose Plan
  • Identify the best theme to suit your needs
  • Identify how URL structure will change in Shopify
  • Add Branding and Other assets to the Shopify Platform
  • Set up payments and identity on Shopify
  • Transition content from the old site to Shopify.
  • Check import – Products, Blog, Images, URL structure
  • Set up Shipping
  • Build out main pages
  • Rebuild Navigation
  • Ensure all Social Media Links are correct
  • Run Dummy Orders
  • Correct or personalise Email communications with customers
  • Apply Shop Pay to Checkout
  • Import Email Subscribers (If using Shopify Mail)
  • Set up Automations – Subscribe etc
  • Implement 301 Redirects
  • Change Domain Pointing to new Shopify Store
  • Add new analytics tags
  • Let people know about the change to help identify teething problems.

Once you have gone through this process it is time to test the hell out of it. Run dummy orders, subscribe to the newsletter, try and break the website and encourage others to do the same. Sometime it is the little things that let you down, especially connecting Social Media and ensuring your analytics and AdWords accounts are reconnected that is where you will fall down.

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