How to Choose a Shopify Theme

In the latest of our Shopify Tips and Tricks videos we share with you our thoughts on how to choose the best Shopify theme for your online store. When you have signed into your new Shopify store, click on Online Store. All start-up Shopify stores come with the standard Shopify Theme called Dawn which is the base plate for all themes in Shopify. It is however quite limited in its abilities. We would recommend looking at a newer theme that has what you need built in.

Things to look for in a Shopify Theme

Things to look at and consider when choosing a theme are:

  • Mega Menus – Do you need theme
  • Video Capabilities – Are you going to use video
  • Design and Style – Does it match your style
  • Your Branding
  • Size of your catalogue – Number of products and categories
  • Filtering – How many products do you have how easy will it be to find theme
  • Your Industry- Find a theme that fits your industry
  • Age Verification – Are you selling alcohol or CBD Oil
  • Speed – Are you going to be using lots of big images
  • Size Guides – Do you need to have lots of products information displayed quickly

The Theme Store

In the Theme store, you can filter by many options including all of the above. You then need to consider the cost of the theme. Some of them are more expensive than others but you should be looking around the $380 mark.

Impulse is one of the best themes we have come across and have used regularly. Once you have chosen your theme, click on it and view the demo store to get a feel for what it will look like. All themes are now built on Shopify 2.0 which is brilliant.

You should also think about things like size guides. As opposed to having to use an app if the theme has it built in you will have a faster website. Once you have chosen your theme you can try it out using the customizer option. The theme will not be available to publish unless you have paid for it.

So have a go first and if you are happy then part with your money. If you have any more questions about themes in Shopify then get in touch via our website to find out more.

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