Introduction to Shopify Segmentation

Shopify Segments

Shopify segments give you the ability to split your customers up into segments as the name suggests. Shopify Segmentation is a great way to boost your sales and bottom line. This means you can define specific audiences depending on their behaviour. Shopping behaviour that enables you to decide what would encourage them to engage again with your website. 

How to segment your audience in Shopify

When you have been running your Shopify store for a while and you have a database of customers you might want to consider how to divide them up into segments. Instead of bulk emailing the same information to all of your customers, send them relevant information about specific offers or products based on their previous behaviour and shopping patterns. The good news is this is all possible within Shopify and you can email them using Shopify mail too. 

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If you want to find out more about segmentation of your  customers in Shopify, watch our live demo using our own online shop Dogs Dogs Dogs. 

Hi everyone, it’s Rupert from We Are Chain with the latest in our videos on Shopify tips and tricks and how to make the best out of Shopify.

Today what I’m going to do is talk to you about the Customer Segmentation Tool within shopper by which Shopify frankly is awesome because it enables you to create targeted lists for your email marketing which is really, really powerful. Click on your Customer section and what it’ll do is you’ll see a screen like this so you can see we’ve got customers.

Now this is our sister company Dogs Dogs Dogs that I’m using so we’ve got real data in here because it’s easier to show.

You’ll have customer name, email subscription status, their location, how many orders they’ve placed and how much they’ve spent.

What I’m going to do on this one is I want to target a particular type of dog bed that a customer has purchased because there’s a new type which is very similar and we want to tell people about it.

I’m going to click on add a filter and I’m going to go products purchased which is down here and I’m going to say the product name and we’re going to look country, dog, heavy and hopefully that should filter it out a bit, oval bed and we’re going to go add another criteria, product was purchased and then we’re going to click on apply filter.

What you can see is that the system has generated a list of customers that have purchased a country dog heavy duty oval waterproof dog beds. You can obviously further segment that database because you can put date ranges in there, say for example, this might not be quite so relevant to people that have literally only purchased one in the last month. 

However, you could say to people, well, actually, this might be the case. If they haven’t had a purchase for the last six months. I could send them an email or for the last year, or you can use this system for using lax customers as well. I will find people that perhaps haven’t purchased anything for you for over a year. It’s really, really useful. 

What we’re going to do is we’re going to save that segment and we’ll call this Country Dog Heavy Duty Beds.

Once we have this segment saved,  what we can then do is actually you use it and you just click on use segments. I mean, it really couldn’t be easier.

And then you can click on email and if you have Shopify Mail or or any of the other email apps, you can actually use it.

You can use an email to these people directly.

Shopify Segmentation

Using Discounts with Segments is a very powerful combination.

You can create a discounts specifically for this segment of customers.

Now this, the discount app is really useful.

For example, if you wanted to search for lapsed customers, i.e. People that haven’t purchased more a year or so or indeed someone that’s purchased a dog bed and you think they might want a dog matt to go in the back of their car so you can send them an email or a discount saying and you can actually put specific criteria in but I’m going to talk to you about discounts and email marketing in our subsequent videos.

So I’ll just close that down and then what I’m going to do is I’m just going to show you the segments that have been created already just to give you an idea.

There are lots of different ones that are created. The one I’ve just done Country Dog customers that have purchased at least twice. This is a really nice one to show because it can, it’s really powerful because these are your VIP customers, the guys that you want to look after.

You can see that these people, some of them have placed six orders. Hundreds of pounds worth of products which is fantastic.

You can click on Use Segment and send them more and more information. Some of the other segments that are set up, so we use looks for picture reviews.

Loox automatically creates some segments as well. This is the brand Danish Design Dog beds, so we look at people that have purchased it in the first half of the year.

– Country Dog Segment
– Customers that have purchased a drying coat. Perhaps, we want to tell them about new drying coats.
– Customers that have purchased more than once. Again, there it is. ——– Customers who haven’t purchased.

Visitors that have registered on the site but haven’t done a thing.

There are lots of really, really powerful tools you can use within the segments section of Shopify. I hope that’s been helpful.

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