What is Shopify Editions?

Shopify Editions is a new release of Shopify updates from Shopify. Over 100 new products and features that will boost your website, including improved checkout and the use of AI in Product Descriptions. 

We have had a play with a lot of it and think we can help you to understand which updates are really useful and should be implemented into your store. If there are things that can boost your store speed and checkout then we want to help you get it fast. 

Shopify Editions are released twice a year and aptly named Summer and Winter Editions. If you have a Shopify store it is worth watching the videos that come with the release to see if they effect your business.

How does it affect your business?

In our opinion, one of the biggest impacts on the performance of your website is the use of Apps. If you have too many apps they will slow your site down and may impact the performance of your site. They also mean you might have to log into different platforms and have different interfaces to use.

With Shopify Editions, they often produce new features that replace the need for Apps. This means you can rely on Shopify Support, keep your interface within the Shopify Dashboard and know it will work.

When using outside Apps, you can never be sure of the quality and the support may be questionable.

What are the big changes happening on Shopify?

Recent Editions releases have seen some innovative approaches to running an online store. As you can imagine with a huge company like Shopify they are always trying to monopolise your attention and therefore your wallet. Editions tend to be a mix of land grabs by Shopify, nullifying Apps and improvements to the platform to keep everyone happy.

Shopify’s biggest claim to fame is the fastest checkout and this time it got even faster. One page checkouts making the checkout journey really simple for the customer.

B2B for Shopify has been a gap and now they are starting to close it and make life easier for store owners wanting to attract B2B business. There have been lots of good updates in the Winter 24 Editions Release. You can now give sales people access to their own dashboard for example.

Want to know more about Shopify Editions?

If you would like to know more about what Editions releases mean to your business then get in touch and we can run you through it.

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