What are Shopify Editions and how will they Impact your Business?

Shopify Editions Event

This month we launch a brand new set of webinars on Shopify. With the recent release of Shopify Editions, we wanted to dig a little further and find out how it would affect our online stores. 

What is Shopify Editions?

Shopify Editions is a new release of Shopify updates from Shopify. Over 100 new products and features that will boost your website, including improved checkout and the use of AI in Product Descriptions. 

We have had a play with a lot of it and think we can help you to understand which updates are really useful and should be implemented into your store. If there are things that can boost your store speed and checkout then we want to help you get it fast. 

When is the Webinar?

The webinar takes place on the 3rd March at 10am. You can book a place on Eventbrite and the zoom link will be given once booked. 

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